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The Plainclothes Clown

Saving The World From Boredom, One Mind At A Time

[sticky post]New TOS - My Immediate Response
Shadow person
I haven't posted here in a while, and I have sad news at this point. Having read the new, abysmal, Terms of Service, I'm going to remove my posts from here and, ultimately, close down my long-standing (I've had this thing since 2004!) LJ blog, The Plainclothes Clown.

The Plainclothes Clown will, from this day forwards, be migrating to Dreamwidth. In time to come, this note will be the only blog post I will leave on here, until such day as LJ close down my account due to continued non-use.

Caganerwatch 2014 - Another Suspicious Sculpture
Shadow person
A second image from that article posted yesterday.

Indoor Triffids
Shadow person
So I was with my sisters inside the house where I grew up. There were these weird roots poking through the ceiling; they were moving.

I noticed these small green plants, small succulent rosettes, emerging on the carpet and the upper floor. Smaller ones on the stairs, getting bigger and more developed the further up the stairs they got.

There were two rooms at the top of the stairs, one on either side; the doors opened, and a triffid emerged from the girls' room.

Alan Turing - A Royal Pardon At Last
Shadow person
It has been 61 years, but at long last Alan Turing got his Royal Pardon.

Daily Telegraph

Business Insider



So far, no mention of this news on the BBC's page.

AFAIC, they should never have persecuted him in the first place, the homophobic douchebags.

Caganerwatch 2013: There's A Problem With Brighton's Christmas Lights
Shadow person
Caganerwatch 2013: There's A Problem With Brighton's Christmas Lights

And now, for tonight's Caganerwatch entertainment, a short video:-

Caganerwatch 2013: Why No Britney Spears?
Shadow person
I can get you a pic of Lady Gaga as a caganer ...


... I can get you Amy Winehouse ...



Mick Jagger ...

John Lennon ...

Michael Jackson ...

... and Elvis:-

However, I draw a blank at Britney Spears. Can't find a Britney caganer anywhere. I wonder why? It's almost as if there was somebody going around telling people to leave her alone ...


Caganerwatch 2013: Celebrity Caganer Of The Day Star Wars Special
Shadow person
Today's celebrity caganers are all Star Wars-themed.


guardia imperial



I tried looking for a Han Solo, but it looks as if it shat first.

Caganerwatch 2013: Scatty Santa
Shadow person
Even Santa is getting in on the act:-







I guess you'd better have been good this year ...

Caganerwatch 2013: In Its Natural Habitat
Shadow person
Here's a caganer caught in the wild.



Obviously they have to go through an extensive process of domestication before they can be released into people's homes ...

Etaoin Shrdlu, Everybody!
Shadow person
I've been thinking about the greetings people offer to one another on festive occasions - weddings, bar mitzvahs, divorces, house moves, the outbreak of war, funerals - all the happy, cheery occasions. There are just too many different festive greetings to memorise.

So I'm thinking that we need a generic, universal greeting that fits every occasion. A greeting that will always be appropriate, and will offend absolutely everybody.

And here it is.


You pronounce it "eh - TAU - een SHURE -di - LOO."

Make this an essential saying in your arsenal of festive greetings. No more "Merry Christmas," "Yuletide Blessings," "May Baal Be Satisfied By Your Offering Of Virgin's Blood," "Commiserations On Your Loss." Just utter the one-size-fits-all ETAOIN SHRDLU and that is all you'll ever need to say. Instant blessings delivered, whatever the occasion, and it automatically lets you off the hook for having to know the right thing to say to appear civil in public.


You don't have to thank me.

Caganerwatch 2013: Another Caganer
Shadow person
I love these little figurines. Today's caganer is ... Lady Caca.


Caganerwatch 2013: They Didn't Think It Through ...
Shadow person
Well, this one had me rolling on the floor

Caganerwatch 2013: What Is A Caganer?
Shadow person
Every year, I am asked this question whenever I launch Caganerwatch: What, pray tell, is a caganer anyway?

A Caganer (Catalan pronunciation: [kəɣəˈne], Western Catalan: [kaɣaˈne]) is a figurine depicted in the act of defecation appearing in nativity scenes in Catalonia and neighbouring areas with Catalan culture such as Andorra, Valencia, Northern Catalonia (in southern France) and the Balearic Islands. It is most popular and widespread in these areas, but can also be found in other areas of Spain (Murcia), Portugal and southern Italy (Naples).

The name "El Caganer” literally means “the crapper” or "the shitter". Traditionally, the figurine is depicted as a peasant, wearing the traditional Catalan red cap (the "barretina") and with his trousers down, showing a bare backside, and defecating.

These are traditional caganers:-

Caganerwatch will be proud to bring you caganers throughout the runup to December 25, along with - hopefully - a crop of Xmas fails and ingenious stunts.

Here's an example of the kind of caganer you are to expect. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Michael Cackson.


保護 (ほご) - "Protection"
Shadow person
My name translates as "protection" in 漢字. The reading of 保護 is ほご hogo.

I converted 漢字 into a seal. Here.

hogo - kanji seal

Caganerwatch 2013 Begins
Shadow person
Every year, there is always someone who puts up an amusing Yuletide decoration somewhere. This year, it's the turn of this fan of Calvin and Hobbes.




And with that, Caganerwatch 2013 is now a go.

Happy Birthday Owlkeeper!
Shadow person
Many Happy Returns, owlkeeper!

Rika Ohara's Carmilla
Shadow person
Just a reminder about Rika Ohara's movie, Carmilla.

Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu (1872) preceded Bram Stoker’s Dracula by 25 years and inspired the latter. My new film, Carmilla, places Le Fanu’s female vampire against the backdrop of historical conflict between the East and the West, and finds the origin of the popular myth in racial and cultural fears that shaped our culture.

Having come to the U.S. in 1980 and observed expressions of xenophobia during the “trade war with Japan,” I have focused on the East-West conflict as the subject matter of my work in performance, installation and film. While researching my performance piece
Tokyo Rose (1993-95), I learned that the phrase “Yellow Peril” was first used by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1895. This made me realize that there is an older, deeper fear of “the Orient,” an abstraction that stretches from Vienna to Tokyo and which represents everything the Occident is not.

In the age of AIDS, the vampire has been widely accepted as a symbol of the Black Death, itself a result of Europe’s contact with its neighbors to the east and south. The fact that the vampires’ prototype is found in the folklore of the Balkans –– the geographical bridge between Asia and Europe –– led me to suspect that the “evil” had a human face after all. A meeting with a Transylvanian Saxon woman who was interned in a Soviet labor camp after WWII moved me to expand the definition of the East to include the Cold War period to the present.

Le Fanu’s protagonist prefers same-sex victims and pursues them with erotic fervor. The lesbian overtones of
Carmilla heightened the character’s “otherness” to its Victorian readers. I chose to focus on Carmilla over Dracula because her gender and sexuality make her a personification of “The Other” the West has defined itself against. The Orient of my Carmilla is dark and feminine; with Carmilla, I continue my exploration of the history and evolution of negative female figures that symbolize age-old fears of the foreign, defined by gender and race.

In 2012, I was able to complete the screenplay and exhibit two video installations thanks to fellowships from the City of Los Angeles. The film’s Facebook page (facebook.com/CarmillaMovie), also begun in 2012, is gaining momentum, now reaching 25,000 people weekly.

This year, I want to shoot several episodic scenes that anchor the narrative in history and suggest the visual scope of the film –– including the “Mata Hari’s dance” scene and the “Harem” scene with E.W. Lane, the Orientalist and translator of One Thousand and One Nights. Your tax-deductible donation will not only pay for the purchase, rental and/or fabrication of the costumes and props, but will also pay for my time to complete the CG Harem set and produce a series of concept sketches.

In case of over-funding, we can begin production on the “Maria Tanase” scene, with music by Mia Doi Todd; additional funds can also help me in my October 2013 residency at Bucharest AIR.

The Great Hiatus
Shadow person
It is time for me to sign off for a time.

Tomorrow, it's off to the hospital for me for some much-needed gall bladder surgery. When I get back after the op, I'll post here to let people know I've returned. And at that point, I'm off for a time until I feel human enough to rejoin the world.

Laters, everybody. Wish me luck.

NaNoWriMo 2013
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NaNoWriMo 2013 has begun.

Shadow person
Following complaints from some of my friends, I've suspended posts from my Twitter account.