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The Plainclothes Clown

Saving The World From Boredom, One Mind At A Time

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Camera News
Shadow person
All good.

First, those photos I sent to be printed came back. And they look fantastic as prints, if I do say so myself. Next, I will fork out the cash to have one or two blown up and printed as large as Wrexham Cameras can handle. I have a few candidate photos I'd like to see enlarged.


this one ...

this one ...

this one ...

this one ...

this one ...

this one ...

this one ...

and this one.

But that's not all. Because, today, I also managed to photograph the following images, taken in and around the fair city of Chester, under glorious sunlight and clear blue late summer / early autumn skies:-

and ...

And yes, those batteries seem to be holding up very nicely. They've worked admirably to date, to keep my camera alive so I could take images like the above so far. I am very pleased.

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(Deleted comment)

Re: Gorgeous pics!!!!

You've got your own goose pic!!!! LOL

All those bloody birds were doing was preening themselves. I was pissing myself laughing, because every time I even looked like I was about to take a photo the little fuckers would put their heads beneath their bloody wings and go preeeeen ... :D

"Here we go, bit of neck, like the head elevation Cyril, nice wings Tarquin, oh look there's that bloody oik with his camera, preeeeen ... *muffled* Has he gone away yet Tarquin?"

"*muffled* No idea, mate. You stick your head out and look!" :D

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